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New Old specializes in new builds, large-scale renovations and additions. No matter how ambitious your project might seem,  we are ready to help you create something exceptional.


Each and every New Old home is impeccably crafted and hand-tailored to suit our clients’specific needs and desires. Each is built using a thoughtful balance of tradition and innovation. And each features layers of small details that add artistry, comfort, and an understated sense of luxury to every living space.


We know your home isn’t just a house. It’s a respite from the world. A place to build memories with family. A legacy for generations to come.  That’s why our entire process begins and ends with you. We listen thoughtfully and carefully to your needs,  desires, and expectations. Then, we dream, innovate, and problem-solve until we have a clear, attainable vision for your home.


We then translate that vision to our architects and designers, and come up with a solid plan that is perfectly suited to your goals. At every step of the building process, we are there to listen to your questions, ideas and concerns, and to share in the joys and challenges that go along with the custom building journey.


We are passionate about earning our clients’ trust, and serving them in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on giving homeowners the efficiency, range of options and exceptonal quality they’d expect at a large firm, with a personalized, boutique experience. We purposefully limit the number of projects we undertake in order to give each and every client our personal, undivided attention. 


Let’s get started on building your dream. Contact us today. 


The Building Process

  1. Select and design your custom home with New Old as your custom homebuilder

  2. Meet to discuss your set budget and discuss how to best stay within it.

  3. Lay out your home plan on the lot and make modifications as necessary

  4. Develop specifications and choose all selections, and/or develop customized finish allowances

  5. Final specifications, final estimate and schedule.

  6. Pre-construction meeting – same week as bank closing

  7. Attend home site review – same week as bank closing

  8. Construction starts – within one week of bank closing.  (Demo begins, if applicable)

  9. Footings and foundation

  10. Framing, windows and doors, roofing

  11. Rough heating, plumbing, electrical & specialty systems installed

  12. Insulation and drywall installed

  13. Tile, hardwoods, interior doors, trim, cabinets and tile installed

  14. Interior paint complete

  15. Countertops installed

  16. Attend hardscape and landscape review

  17. Heating, plumbing and electrical installation complete, cabinetry and hardware installation complete

  18. Receive notice indicating 30 days until move in date

  19. Carpet installation and final touch-ups

  20. Quality inspection with homeowner

  21. Home orientation

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